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   A webring for redheads!

Flaming Tresses, Red Hot Tempers, plus a dash of Attitude equals THE best Webring on the Internet! Are you a redhead?  Join us!

Not a redhead? That's okay, you can still check out lots of them by surfing through our ring of wonderful redheads. There's never a dull moment around here. GO!


  1. You must be a redhead. (Natural, dyed, henna enhanced. Strawberry Blondes and Auburns are welcome too! Hey, we'll even extend it to plum and burgundy if you're cool!)
  2. You must have a blog, journal or diary*.
  3. The ring fragment must be placed on the same page as your blog, which is also the page you'll submit. (no separate rings or links pages, please.)

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*We do not accept sites that contain excessive language or nudity. We reserve the right to refuse any website we deem to be offensive.

Please note: If you are using AOL you may not receive a confirmation or submission email from Ringsurf as it appears that AOL may be blocking their email. If you need help with the ringcode, please feel free to contact me.

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